Bob Lilly’s career as a photographer began in a wonderfully logical way. As a senior at Texas Christian University in 1960, he was a member of the Kodak All-American team. With the honor came a trip to New York to appear on the Ed Sullivan television show, a round of dinners and parties and a gift – a camera.

Bob Lilly Photographer

Lilly began snapping pictures and soon was hooked. Photography became his special love.  As the No. 1 draft choice of the year-old Dallas Cowboys, he signed a contract and soon had more money to indulge that love. He bought more cameras and equipment and by the time he reported to his first Cowboy training camp he was shooting pictures wherever he went.

The Cowboys, naturally, were his favorite subjects. Over the years he shot thousands of candid photos of his teammates and coaches. From that collection came the pictures which appear in this book.

In Bob Lilly Reflections, the most honored player in the club’s history takes you back to the years when the Cowboys grew from a shaky expansion team to Super Bowl champions. His photos and his words capture that era when watching the Cowboy games first became a national pastime, the beginning of America’s Team.